What Camera Should I get?

My Fuji XT-3 – current main body I shoot with

People are obsessed with tech or think if they had a ‘better camera,’ they would get better pictures. I get it. I used to think that too. However, when I was deep into wedding photography, beating the you know what out of my gear, I quickly did the math and realized the latest and greatest did not mean better pictures. Add the fact that I needed back-up equipment for everything, the real impact of keeping up with the latest and greatest was a loss of income.

I stopped buying the newest, and in fact, often bought used. I found that since so many people were constantly buying new gear, I was able to find used equipment that was one generation old for half the cost. There are some great places to buy used gear, particularly keh.com.

Pro-tip for wedding photographers who don’t want to get the aunts and uncles talking your ear off all wedding day about gear: tape over your model and brand plates. When they ask, play dumb and say I can’t remember which model is. Trust me – it works!

Fast-forward to today, I still get asked often about what camera I shoot with or what someone should get to take better pictures. Honestly, for most people, their iPhone is perfect. It really is a good camera and for most instances where it is about sharing online or small prints (print your pictures people!), it is perfect. You always have it with you and it is so easy to edit and share images.

Now, if you are ready to step-up to a more advanced camera, you really cannot go wrong with any major brand of camera. They are all very good. Now, each has their own pros/cons and characteristics and that is where it can be a more personal choice. If unsure, I always recommend heading to a local camera store and trying out different cameras. See how they feel in your hand. Imagine carrying it all day when out with the family (again, iPhone is a great camera). Talk to an expert who can walk you thru every consideration. If you are going to make the investment, do it right the first time. It will save you time and money. You can only get that assistance in a camera store. They are harder to find these days but for folks local to me, you have Unique Photo in NJ and B&H in NYC.

Iso, you still want to see what I shoot with today? Of course you do…luckily I setup a profile on KIT that has a few different kits from what I currently and used to shoot with, what I pack for Disney and what I recommend for family and kid’s sports photography. Check out my Kit page.

And of course, if you have questions, just ask me!

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