Jeep Wave!

I owned a 1980 CJ-7 while in college. It was my heep as I called it. It was full of rust. It had mechanical issues. It wasn’t the safest (example, a roller that was really not attached to anything). But, man was it fun. It drove thru anything from central PA snowstorms (hero beer runs thru the snow) to the mud of the Pine Barrens. In the summers, I took off the hardtop and often went topless or just with a bikini top for those mainly days. I have so many fun memories of that Jeep.

Here is a picture that is a scan from an old film shot (kids, that is what was used before digital cameras). Love how those chrome tow hooks made the jeep look a bit classier -lol.

When I graduated college and entered the workforce, I needed a reliable car and the Jeep just wasn’t that. I sold it to someone in town who wants a fun “woods jeep” and I hope that they enjoyed that thing as much as I did!

I always said I wanted another Jeep. It just never seemed like the right time or practical to get one until now. In the fall I found and purchased a 2019 Wrangler Unlimited. It was only a year old and with just about 10k miles on it, it was basically brand new. Since picking it up at the dealership, it has been the go-to vehicle for my entire family. Everyone wants to ride in the Jeep whether it is a ride to the supermarket or heading out on an adventure!

I could spend a lot of time talking about how amazing the capabilities and technology is on this thing compared to my old Heep! The family already has plenty of adventures planned for this year including finishing the Trans New Jersey Trail (an amazing trail someone mapped out of backroads, fire roads and trails that goes 450 miles from High Point to Cape May), plenty of days on Island Beach State Park fishing and enjoying the ocean breeze and finding new roads and trails to explore. I also look forward to building up my Jeep over time.

So, when you see me out there, give me that Jeep Wave!