Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Spent last week at the beach with the family and managed to sneak out early in the morning on two occasions. First day I hit Holgate at the southern end of Long Beach Island where the ocean meets the bay and captured some amazing sunrise images at the southern jetty. The other day, I headed to the northern end of the island to visit my friend Old Barney.

This is a puddle that is about a foot wide on the jetty. Waited for the sunlight to just kiss the puddle before snapping this image.
Love the colors of this image as the sun lights up the sky and the waves paint the beach.
Old Barney before the sun comes up (yes up that early). That is actually light from Island Beach State Park in Seaside across the inlet, not the sun on the left side.
The sun greeting Old Barney.

All images taken with my Fuji X-T3, Fuji 10-244mm lens and Benro tripod. Also, for the first two images, I used a graduated ND filter on the sky.

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