Chris & Sherry: Crystal Plaza, Livingston New Jersey Wedding

I have been to my fair share of fun weddings.  However, I have to say Chris and Sherry’s wedding was one of the most fun weddings I have been at as a guest or photographer.  From the second the wedding party was announced at the reception until the last song, the dance floor was packed and everyone was dancing up a storm, including some breakdancing by the groom.  There are pictures below to prove it.  I should mention that Chris is a former DJ and the reception music was very important to him.

I had a blast photographing Chris and Sherry’s Wedding.

This wedding was shot for Abucus Studios.

20140622-IMG_4612 20140622-IMG_4629
20140622-IMG_4685 20140622-IMG_4710 20140622-IMG_4735 20140622-IMG_4739

20140622-IMG_4738 20140622-IMG_4770 20140622-IMG_4778

20140622-IMG_4660 20140622-IMG_4812 20140622-IMG_4832 20140622-IMG_4886 20140622-IMG_4898

20140622-IMG_4890 20140622-IMG_4909 20140622-IMG_4920 20140622-IMG_4931 20140622-IMG_4940

20140622-IMG_5044 20140622-IMG_4947 20140622-IMG_5034 20140622-IMG_5354 20140622-IMG_5401 20140622-IMG_5435 20140622-IMG_5710 20140622-IMG_5774 20140622-IMG_5788 20140622-IMG_5959 entrance 20140622-IMG_5980 20140622-IMG_6000 20140622-IMG_6024 20140622-IMG_6059 20140622-IMG_6086
20140622-IMG_6173 20140622-IMG_6192 20140622-IMG_6349 20140622-IMG_6357

Yes, that is the groom breakdancing!

20140622-IMG_6391 20140622-IMG_6477 20140622-IMG_6627 20140622-IMG_6686 20140622-IMG_7006


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