June 7, 2014: Tara & James

Do you know how there is always that one day in June that is just the perfect weather – sun shining and it is warm but not too hot?  That was how it was for Tara and James’s day.  It could not have been a better day!  They had a beautiful ceremony at Saint John the Apostle Church (Clark, New Jersey) followed by a rocking reception at the Manor in West Orange, New Jersey.  Here are just a few pictures from their amazing day.  Congratulations Tara and James – thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

Many thanks to Deb Cole for being my second shooter for the day.  You can find out more about Deb by clicking here.  


20140607-IMG_2891 20140607-IMG_2895


20140607-IMG_2938 20140607-IMG_2914 20140607-IMG_2960

20140607-IMG_2990 20140607-IMG_2991 20140607-IMG_2977 20140607-IMG_2995 20140607-IMG_3016 20140607-IMG_3008

tara gift 20140607-IMG_3022 20140607-IMG_3025 20140607-IMG_3032 20140607-IMG_3054 20140607-IMG_3077 20140607-IMG_3091 20140607-IMG_3115 20140607-IMG_3120


20140607-IMG_1454 20140607-IMG_1515

20140607-IMG_1607 20140607-IMG_1554





20140607-IMG_3209 20140607-IMG_3230

20140607-IMG_4745 20140607-IMG_3232 20140607-IMG_3256



20140607-IMG_3233 20140607-IMG_3314 20140607-IMG_1805 20140607-IMG_3324

20140607-IMG_3371 20140607-IMG_3385 20140607-IMG_3398 20140607-IMG_3410

20140607-IMG_4769 20140607-IMG_3419 20140607-IMG_3539 pup 20140607-IMG_3599 20140607-IMG_3756-Edit 20140607-IMG_3840 20140607-IMG_3895 20140607-IMG_3900 20140607-IMG_3912

20140607-IMG_2102 20140607-IMG_4041 20140607-IMG_2107

20140607-IMG_4056 20140607-IMG_4080 20140607-IMG_4083 20140607-IMG_4149 20140607-IMG_4172 20140607-IMG_4313 20140607-IMG_4314 20140607-IMG_4318 20140607-IMG_4373 20140607-IMG_4392 20140607-IMG_4485 20140607-IMG_4494



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