Bat Mitzvah of Emma-Rose: 10.19.2013

Last weekend I had the privilege of photographing Emma’s special day.  I met Emma and her family when I photographed her older brothers Ben and Max’s Bar Mitzvah and jumped at the chance to work with this family again.  Emma celebrated her important day with her family and her friends.   I knew she came from a strong, amazing family but was blown away by the friends she surrounds herself with.  I do not think I have ever heard so many “please” and ‘thank you’s” from such a large bunch of teens.   As a parent of little ones, I hope my children can have a similar group of friends when they get older.

Emma’s party was hosted by Premier Event Entertainment.   I have been around a lot of parties and seen my fair share of good and bad DJs.  Premier was definitely one of the better ones I have seen for teen parties.  They did an amazing job of keeping all of the kids up and dancing and playing games all day.  I highly recommend them!

And of course, why you are here.  The pictures.  Below are a few from Emma’s day.  The rest can be seen here.

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