Happy Mother’s Day

I lost my mother to cancer when I was only twelve years old.  From that point, Mother’s Day has always been a tough day for obvious reasons.  It served as a day of reflection on my Mom’s influence on my brothers and me.  As time went on, my sister-in-laws (who have always been more of sisters then ‘in-laws’ so I feel funny even saying it…) became Moms and the day turned to celebrating them and all the moms out there.  Of course, almost five years ago when my wife became the mother to our children, the day turned to be “her day” (as my son Owen calls it).  To celebrate “her day” this year, we headed to her aunt’s house.  Owen decided he wanted to make all of the Moms there crowns.  He and my daughter Annie worked on the crowns for several days (I have the glue and jewels all over my table to prove it).  They were so happy to give each of the Moms a crown on Mother’s Day.  I hope all of the Moms out there had an amazing day.  Enjoy all of the attention and celebration – you deserve it!

Here are all the Moms behind the Mom (my amazing wife)!

And here she is with the crown makers!

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