Big Changes!

Like many, my camera brand and gear selection has been a journey. Started with Canon SLRs in my film days and migrated over to Canon DSLRs which I used exclusively thru my wedding photog days. As I sunsetting my wedding business and focused more on my family, I started looking for alternatives to my big Canon full-frame DSLRs. I landed on m43 cameras, Panasonic specifically (g7, gx8, g85). I did the Canon/Panasonic thing for a while and then decided to make a change and migrate to Fuji. I went all in on Fuji with the thought that I would slow down and take more methodical images (think landscapes). Well, my life had different ideas and the most photographed subject for me became my kids’ soccer games and musical performances, with a side of a crazy, lovable goldendoodle puppy that never sit still. Fuji has a great camera lineup but it just does not do sports well. Been thinking about my next move for a while.

This weekend, I finally made my move. I sold all of my Fuji gear and went all in on Panasonic with a G9. Starting off with the kit 12-60 lens, which I had previously owned and loved, and the amazing 50-200 f2.8-4. I am so excited for this change and cannot wait for the weekend where I can really test it out at my daughter’s soccer game. In the meantime, here are a few quick images I took day 1.

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