The Candy Shop

My son Owen started playing piano about three years ago at a place called RMC Studios in Garwood, NJ. He quickly fell in love with music and has been expanding his skillset to include saxophone, ukulele and more recently a bit of guitar. He has continued to improve and amaze me with his musical talents. This past summer he joined a band called The Candy Shop at RMC and they have now performed two shows. The photos and videos below are from their show last night.

While COVID has made events a challenge, RMC has continued to find safe and practical ways to keep these kids playing music and performing with a balance of virtual and in-person sessions. This performance was very limited in terms of in-person attendees (three per family, all well spaced out in the theatre and masked) but was live-streamed for anyone and everyone to view. They did an AMAZING job!

December, 1963


Goodbye Stranger


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