Biking Thru COVID

Like many people, I found my exercise routine significantly disrupted by COVID last spring. Pre-COVID, I was a member of a local garage gym that provided my a great venue to stay in shape and challenge myself. I also played roller hockey on a weekly basis. All of that came to a halt mid-March. I scrambled and got my hands on some basic equipment: kettlebells and some other odds and ends. It worked and I felt like exercise was a great way for me to clear my head. However, something was missing.

I dusted off my mountain bike and started with some quick family rides around the neighborhood. I added some solo rides and before you knew it, I was really enjoying riding and I started searching for a road bike, like what seemed like the entire world. After a lot of searching, and some luck, I grabbed a Specialized Allez Sport from a great local shop Hilltop Bicycles. I picked it up late June and have not looked back.

I expanded my riding outside the local hood and started exploring the roads thru Watchung Reservation and the Great Swamp I went all in on the cycling gear. I started riding with a few buddies. We started riding further and further with the longest ride so far being about 54 miles. I loved the idea of pushing myself further and further, seeing new parts of this great state.

I did move inside on a virtual trainer when the temps started getting at/below 30. I know, hardcore riders are still outside but I prefer to feel my hands and feet and the shorter daylight limited my pre-work riding opportunities. While not the same as being on the road, the trainer is pretty close with apps like Zwift.

Cycling has been great for my health, both physical and mental and I can’t wait to get back outside and continue my adventures! Shooting for a century in 2021!

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